Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Technical English Newsletter

Inch by Inch is a new website that presents two pictorials of labeled pieces of technology, and sends them in a free newsletter each week to subscribers. This is not only useful for teachers of technical English, but a great resource for students in all engineering disciplines.


The resource is from Germany, and so focuses on German learners of English (with bilingual translations), but the visuals and vocabulary are useful for learners from any language background. It is particularly useful for lower level learners who will find the visual material very clear.

The first website page has pictorials of the following terms:
  • sprinkler head
  • escalator / moving stair
  • ball bearing
  • LED
  • scissors
  • bolt
  • suspension bridge
The description of the resource on the website is:

"Every engineer knows: A picture is worth a thousand words. So, for a learner of technical English two tech pictorials a week would surely equal 2000 technical words, right?

Unfortunately, learning technical English isn't that easy. It's a slow and steady process, but pictures and drawings can certainly make it easier to learn and remember technical terms -- especially for visually oriented learners like us.

That's why we have set up this free newsletter with two tech pictorials per week to improve your knowledge of technical English -- inch by inch."

This is certainly a resource I will recommend to students, and I'll be letting you know in a future blog post how we work with this in and out of the classroom.

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