Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Website for Pile Driving

The website of Pile Buck International, Inc. has access to their magazine as well as links to industry news and topics. The description on the website says that they are "interested in news and technology associated with pile driving, deep foundations, and marine contracting."


Among the sections on the website is "The Buck," a list of topics in the archives. The categories include:
  • construction
  • deep foundation
  • education
  • equipment
  • events
  • industry news
  • marine
  • pile driving
  • projects
  • technology
 An example from the Technology section is "In-Situ Coating for Sheet Piles." The text is short, but there is a very useful video (3:50) showing how the DCI limpet cofferdam is assembled and used. The cofferdam "allows in-situ inspection, repairs and preservation of submerged areas of steel bulkhead piling." This is used to protect port, marina and canal walls.


The video narration is slow and clear, with the narrator speaking British English. The visuals show the step-by-step process of assembly of the cofferdam, and then show various inspection and repair procedures that can be carried out.

This is useful for presentation skills, process description, and talking or writing about innovation.

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