Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great source of videos

The National Geographic website is a useful source of information about all areas covered by the National Geographic Society, and I have often found news articles relevant for all my engineering groups. However, a section of the website particularly useful in the classroom - and for homework - is the video section, because the videos are generally short and produced in an interesting way with high quality.

Link to the video section:

The categories in this section are:
  • adventure
  • animals
  • environment
  • history & civilization
  • people & culture
  • photography
  • science & space
  • technology
  • travel
In particular, the section technology has yielded videos with information my engineering students found both relevant and interesting.And, of course, they enjoy the visual input in the classroom.

In my post next week, I will focus on one of the videos from this category that I used with my robotics engineering students.

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