Saturday, July 18, 2015

Factor magazine website

From FactorTech website

I recently came across an online magazine that looks like an excellent source of texts for my engineering students. The magazine is Factor and describes itself in this way:

“Factor is a website and digital magazine covering the latest developments in technology, science and beyond, with a focus on the future. We’re particularly interested in how innovations are set to change the way we live, and what our lives are likely to be like in the future.”

What would be particularly useful for students - to encourage them to read articles on the website themselves - is that it is "a free, monthly digital title, available to read on iPad and online with a modern desktop browser. Each issue we take a different theme and look at the technologies and likely future developments surrounding it – from everyday life and work to sports and travel, from robotics to healthcare, and from future cities to space and beyond."

The Factor website:

The sections presented across the top of the home page are:

  • Space
  • Future cities
  • Robots
  • Connected world
  • Wearables
  • Food supply
  • Green energy
  • Health
But there are also further sections revealed by clicking the "all" button. These include: 

  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • Drones
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D printing
  • 3D modelling
  • Comment
The Comment section has opinion articles about certain subjects (rather than reader comments), and this material could be very useful for students who are using persuasive speaking or debate in the classroom.

The articles in general seem to be fairly short and written in a simple way, without being very technical. But they are certainly a good introduction to specific topics and can inspire students to look for further information.

I will keeping checking this site for material that I can use with my engineering students. As I find and use specific articles, I will post ideas to share with my readers. 

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