Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ideas Lab website

Ideas Lab is a website of GE that has articles contributed by “more than 170 thought leaders from across industry, government, academia and non-profit communities” in a wide variety of topics.

The Ideas Lab is described on the website as: “where influencers convene. It provides the platform to explore how new ideas, innovations and public policies will transform business, industry and the global economy – today, tomorrow and beyond.”

The Ideas Lab has the following topic sections:

  • Make: production, manufacturing, products, etc.
  • Move: transportation, logistics, trade, etc.
  • Power: energy, environment, sustainability, etc.
  • Compete: innovation, startups, the brain, etc.
  • Cure: healthcare, health innovation, etc.
  • The Lab: an archive of articles from the other sections

Many topics, of course overlap two or more of the topic areas, and are then found in both areas.

There is a lot of material to interest students in any area of engineering. The articles would have to be reviewed to see if not only the topic, but also the length, complexity and level of language would be suitable for particular learners.

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