Sunday, October 12, 2014

S.T.E.M. magazine

The September 2014 issue
"Every teacher is a STEM teacher" is the idea behind STEM magazine, a non-profit electronic publication, and the underlying basis of the articles written by its contributors world-wide.

From the magazine website:

"Teaching is an incredibly challenging responsibility, therefore equipping and supporting our teachers in a variety of aspects is critical to teacher retention, motivation and attitude that directly effect student learning, inspiration and preparation for the careers ahead."

Website link:

There are two issues as examples available on the website - January 2013 and May 2014 (as of October 2014), so teachers and students can read these particular articles:

January 2013:
  • Northrup Grumman: Working to Enhance STEM at every level
  • A STEM-Literate Citizenry
  • National STEM Academy
  • Success on Standardized Tests: Without Sacrificing Authentic Learning
  • CSR: Shared Value and the STEM Education Opportunity
  • GradFly Helps STEM Students Differentiate Themselves: Showcasing and Discovering Technical Projects
  • CEISMIC: Integrating the ARTS into STEM Education
May 2014:
  •  The Neuroscience of Joyful Education
  • STEM in Our Daily Lives
  • Weightlessness Does Not Exist
  • Teaching Kids to Shift
  • Alvis Meets STEM
The electronic magazine is available by subscription (US$20.00 per month) that is provided to an entire school, the teachers, students and families. It seems like a worthwhile investment.

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